Firm Profile


Centered   At Engberg Anderson we work from and for the vital center. With offices in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin and Tucson, Arizona, we collaborate with clients as they endeavor to strengthen their communities. Library or hospital, urban riverwalk or university residence hall — our work supports the activities and institutions at the heart of a vibrant culture and economy.

Balanced   Clients enjoy the collaborative creativity of our practice. In the give and take of our process we seek a balance between spontaneity and intentionality, between performance and comfort, between the inventive and the enduring. From historic museums to contemporary condominiums, from transit stations to workstations, our projects are in harmony with their use and their users.

Engaged   Our work in the domains of health, community and culture reinforces the social wellbeing of the places where we practice. High-performance, technologically advanced, and environmentally sensitive facilities, our projects are sources of inspiration, healing and pride.

Sustainable   Growing concerns for our increasingly fragile planet have given new urgency to the practice of sustainable design. At Engberg Anderson, a commitment to build intelligently has always been part of our culture so much so that our Milwaukee office has been LEED®┬áCI Gold certified by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). On all of our projects, regardless of building type or scale, we have long incorporated sustainable principles including durability, flexibility that mitigates against obsolescence and concern for the comfort and well being of the users of the space — not to win points but rather to create architecture that is in balance with the larger environment.

Today we are digging deeper for solutions, designing with more rigor and delivering more holistic projects. Our in-house Green Group leads us to actively pursue Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) accreditation for our people and our projects. Twelve members of our team are LEED® Accredited Professionals and that number is increasing monthly. We are active on the US Green Building Council, the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance and the Mayor of Milwaukee's Green Team and Partnerships for Sustainability. Many of our projects continue to receive awards for their sustainability.